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  • Video episode: 512 – De-Stressing Presentations 45:35
    WELSTech concludes our summer long focus on Ministry Resources with a toolkit for all of you who do presentations. Who doesn’t anymore? Take the stress out of the ...
  • Video episode: 511 – Signs of the Times 30:08
    A new day has dawned for churches and schools wanting to add signage to their public spaces. Digital is the way to go, and it’s not hard or even expensive. On this ...
  • Video episode: 510 – Ministry Calculations 30:23
    Calculators rule the day on this week’s WELSTech. From ministry resources to picks of the week, we have tools to help figure out compensation for called workers, and ...
  • Video episode: 509 – Calendars, Conventions, and Communications 31:24
    Fresh off a great experience at the WELS Synod Convention, the WELSTech team returns to their summer series of Ministry Resources. If you use Google Calendar, you ...