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This podcast explores some of the most common nutrition- and lifestyle-related causes of male and female infertility, miscarriages, preterm pregnancies, birth defects, autism, developmental disorders, lactation problems, and postpartum complications.

Konstantin Monastyrsky, the podcast’s author and presenter, is a medical writer, certified nutritional consultant, expert in forensic nutrition, and the driving force behind the GutSense.org blog.


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  • Video episode: VEGETARIAN DIETS and INFERTILITY 15:09
    God and nature have made some of us hunters and prodigious omnivores, so we can eat all kinds of foods in order to survive the merciless process of evolution, and ...
    Until very recently, subclinical undernutrition among women of childbearing age was not as common as it is today, particularly in the United States. This episode ...
  • Video episode: AUTISM and BIRTH DEFECTS 9:49
    Up to 13% of today’s newborns -- that’s every 8th child — will have developmental disorders ranging from full-blown autism to low IQ, and everything in between, ...
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    Foods are the sole source of nutrients essential for structural metabolism, and the foundation of life — yours and that of the fetus. Not surprisingly, undernourished ...