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  • Video episode: Episode 6 9:15
    Dave shows his second present wrapping job and Ben shows what to do with the extra cardboard during the holiday season. Sorry so late but $%&#&!!!! ...
  • Video episode: Episode 3 10:33
    Dave shows how to use dry ice to expand a pop bottle to rupture and also how to make a springLisaFarrowsInstructablesThe instructable to go with the springs is after ...
  • Video episode: Episode 2 10:59
    So what we have here is a 8000 lumen CFL compact fluorescent light box and a rain shield for a cameraAs per usual here is the link to the podcast mentioned in the ...
  • Video episode: Episode 1!!!!! 10:48
    Here is the first episode! In this you will find:A simple Teleprompter for a Sony pd170 and a Canon HV30 from a iPhone, coroplast, CD case, duct tape and a whole ...