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Paris Hilton, indie rock, parades, an egg frying on the sidewalk? Yes, it's all here - even Satan. Video snippets of life from Chuck Olsen in Nordeast Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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  • Video episode: CHUCK IN A WHEELCHAIR 0:36
    Chuck in a wheelchair Let's see... what did I do Friday night? See the North American premier of A Prairie Home Companion? Nope. Go to any of the many SXSW parties with ...
  • Video episode: ROCKETBOOM IN NY TIMES (AGAIN) 0:47
    Rocketboom in the NY Times Broadcast television is dead? Not bloody likely, but still food for thought from a blog called chartreuse (beta) and written about in today's ...
  • Video episode: AMANDA ON CSI! 1:00
    Rocketboom's Amanda Congdon on C.S.I. [Quicktime, 38 MB]
  • Video episode: SECOND LIFE ENCOUNTER 6:03
    Quicktime 29 MB I had the pleasure of seeing Michael Verdi in person a few days ago. It wasn't quite as strange as running into his alter ego Aren Mandala in Second ...