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Get the most recent sermon audio and video from Woodland Hills Church. Located in St. Paul, MN, our goal as a church is to tear down walls between social classes, genders, races, and most of all, between people and Jesus Christ. Many other resources (including sermon study guides, presentation slides and our entire sermon archive dating back to 1992) are available for free on our web site. Most sermons are by our Senior Pastor, Greg Boyd.

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  • Video episode: Temple Tantrum 44:28
    In our new Turning Over Tables series, we examine how central Jesus (as well as other new testament authors) placed our call to non-violence. In fact at one point in ...
  • Video episode: Redeeming the Past 36:22
    In this final sermon in our Moving Pictures series, Greg looks at how the past can be redeemed and give way to a healing future. All people carry wounds and brokenness ...
  • Video episode: The Force Awakens 40:55
    Each of us is unique. We each have our own story, our own calling, and our own distinct set of giftings, talents, and experiences that shape our uniqueness. ...
  • Video episode: Our Heavenly Wedding 33:52
    Later this month Woodland Hills will be doing our annual baptism ceremony at Lake Phalen, and so in light of that Greg used this week's sermon to talk about baptism ...